About Us

OÜ Elpa i.e. is a company trading with dairy products mainly in Baltic states and Scandinavia.

Since 2002 OÜ Elpa i.e. is supplying dairies and food producers with necessary ingredients. The goal is to offer our clients fast and flexible supplies. In the beginning of 2007 OÜ Elpa i.e. started collection of raw milk in Estonia and transferring it into commodities like cheese, skimmed milk powder, full cream milk powder, cream and butter which gives to sales team of our company constant supply of products not influenced by market situation.

The goal of OÜ Elpa i.e. is to establish beneficial for both parties long term relationship. Our team is daily watching the market movements inside EU and worldwide which guarantees for our clients always the best and actual conditions for products.

OÜ Elpa i.e. is accredited internationally by company Creditinfo with grade A.